Forensic Psychology Services


Types of Evaluations

  • Psychological Evaluation 
  • Substance Abuse Evaluation 
  • Psychosexual Evaluation
  • Attachment/Bonding Evaluation

Therapeutic Services

  • Domestic Violence Counseling for Women
  • Trauma Informed Therapy for Women and Children


Dr. Badaan is a contracted provider for the State of New Jersey Department of Children and Families.

Throughout her professional experience, Dr. Badaan has witnessed deficient family environments, inadequate parenting, and the impact that abuse and neglect has on children and adolescents. Dr. Badaan provides psychological evaluations for children, to assist the courts in understanding their emotional, behavioral and social functioning. The ultimate goal of these evaluations is to provide treatment recommendations for children that aim to improve their overall quality of life.  Dr. Badaan believes that most families have the ability to change and improve their capacity for sufficient and safe parenting, with appropriate support and individualized services.